Program for 2017

IMPORTANT: This program is running again in the Spring 2018.

For information about the Spring 2018, use the link below

Spring 2018 Mathematics Research Experience for Undergraduates

This program offers a research experience for a team of five minority undergraduates majoring in mathematics at Texas State University.

The program is centered on an intense one-week research experience to be held at TxSt during spring break 2017 and led by the project director. The students participating in the program will continue working with the program director throughout the spring semester to prepare a journal article containing their results.

In addition, participating students will submit a poster for presentation at the Texas State Undergraduate Research Conference. Students present a poster or short presentation at a conference in the CombinaTexas Conference Series and present their results at a national meeting, either MathFest 2017 and/or the Joint Mathematics Meetings 2018.

Students participating in this program will receive a stipend of $600.00 in addition to funding for attending the conferences related with this project.


The Mathematical Association of America through their Tensor SUMMA

The Department of Mathematics at Texas State University.

TheĀ  Office for Research and Federal Relations at Texas State University.


Dr. Daniela Ferrero