The Project Director will appoint a Selection Committee who will advise her in the application review process.

The Selection Committee and the Program Director will select the top 10 applicants. Those applicants will have an interview with the Selection Committee and the Program Director who will rank those ten candidates.

The top five ranked students will receive an offering to participate in the program with a deadline to confirm their acceptance. If for any reason a student does not confirm his/her participation in the program by the indicated deadline, invitations to participate in the program will be offered to the other candidates in the list.

Deadlines will be published later.

Selection criteria

TheĀ  main parameters for selection are: indication of ability to perform research, grades in courses relevant to this project, and minority status.

Other parameters that will be considered are: availability to continue the research project throughout the semester, and expected graduation date. Priority will be given to students at least two years ahead of their expected graduation.